Hi My name is Tim A Galston T.A.G., I'm just getting into photography and having a lot of fun doing so. I would not call my self a pro however I have taken many great photos.

At the moment my favorite type of photo is portrait in my home studio.

Interested in photos pricing at the moment starts at $25 per hour.. Don't forget this is time taking photos and time on computer processing them.

I work full time as a supervisor for Direct sat USA, a in-house DirecTV install company so my time is also limited.

if you are interested in photos contact me and we can work something out. I am available almost every Saturday. 


My Gear...

My primary Camera is a Nikon D810, a 36 megapixel  full frame beast.

My secondary camera is a Nikon D3300, a 24 mega pixel crop camera.

I have a 24-70 Tameron zoom, a 270-200 Tameron zoom a 50mm prime, a 35mm prime, a 55-200 zoom, a 55-300 zoom and 2 18-55 kit zooms so far.

3 external TTL flash units

gold, silver, white reflectors

Adobe Lightroom for tweaking photos, I do not use Photoshop...

and much more.


Contact me

Please questions, comments or feedback welcome